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Reviewing outstanding school fees

The school fee information visible on the PowerSchool app may not accurately reflect your family’s outstanding fees. Please log in to the desktop version of the PowerSchool Parent Portal and click the Student Fees tab at the top of the left-hand navigation menu to view the correct amount owing.

It's time to register for school at DCE! 

Kindergarten to Grade 6 registration is available online.

All kindergarten registrations after April 3, 2018 will be registered in Group B Kindergarten.
Group B Kindergarten Calendar

To register, simply complete the online registration form.


  • Determine your child’s designated school.
  • Scan and upload all required documents: birth certificate, passport, PM Card, etc.
  • Additional documents to scan, if applicable, include: Guardian Letter and Parental Custody Agreement if restrictions on access.

To help families prepare, Elk Island Public Schools has put together an online toolkit to make the transition as smooth as possible.  The kit includes information on registration, important dates, programming options, what to expect, eligibility, how to find your designated school, transportation and more.

School Supplies

Our school supply lists are now available online.  We are working with Write-On Stationary and they have kindly offered to ship the supplies directly to your home free of charge for this year only.  Lists will be available on the Write-On website; you may order directly from them or go out and purchase them from the printable list as well.


WANTED Noon Hour Supervisors

Davidson Creek Elementary is looking for individuals who would be interested in becoming a noon hour supervisor. Hours would be 11:30am - 12:30pm.  This is a paid position at $19.91/hr, please contact Kaye Schindeler at kaye.schindeler@eips.ca



Introducing our School Brand

The Davidson Creek Elementary logo is a modern take on a classic symbol of growth and education—a tree. The water at the base of the tree not only ties in the school name—Davidson “Creek” and the geographic area the school is located in, but also reminds us that just like this tree, if we care for young minds by providing them with encouragement and support in their learning, they too will flourish.

The tagline “a place where we belong” is not just a nice statement but a motto the school strives to manifest by creating a warm and welcoming environment where all children feel safe and excited to learn.

After the school opens, we will be involving the school community in helping us develop a spirit brand or mascot that will accompany and complement the school brand.

Walking to School Safely

Strathcona County is implementing many different calming measures to ensure students can walk to school safely.  Check this link to see what is being put in place in your neighbourhood.

The intersection of Lakeland Drive/Clarkdale Drive will be signalized by mid-August and activated before the opening of our school.  This will ensure a safe place for students to cross and will facilitate the movement of buses and other traffic out of the Davidson Creek subdivision safely.

A flashing beacon will be installed at the T-intersection of Summerland Drive and Lakeland Drive to help students cross safely.  As well, there currently is an overhead pedestrian amber flashing light at the intersection of Lakeland Drive and Davenport Drive.  

Boys and Girls Club Davidson Creek

We are pleased to announce that the Boys and Girls club will run out of the school strictly for the families of Davidson Creek Elementary.  More information will be available in July.

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